Child Protection

Adventist Schools Australia has been closely following the work of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, particularly in relation to recommendations relating to schools. Adventist Schools Australia is dedicated to continuous revision and improvement of its child protection systems and procedures. One such initiative includes the development of an Adventist Schools Australia National Child Protection Framework, emphasising standardised responses, as much as possible, in all Australian Adventist schools, and ensuring that any investigations and adjudications of cases is independent and transparent. In addition, child protection policies are being revised to ensure they include the key components of recognising and responding to abuse as well as identifying grooming behaviours. To embed the learning, child protection training for all staff and administrators is being significantly remodelled using targeted, standardised content delivered consistently by experts. In turn, our staff will be trained further to ensure that our students learn appropriate protective behaviours.

There is nothing more important to Adventist Schools Australia than protecting our school students. Each child is a gift from God, and their childhood and their innocence is a sacred trust. Working together as a community, it is our aim to ensure that our children have safe, happy, healthy and positive childhoods.

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