Local School Advisory Council

The Local School Advisory Council Policy and supporting webinars have been developed to provide clarity for school council members on their role in the governance of Adventist schools of special character. The webinars are designed to acknowledge, guide and support those who serve on a school advisory council by making clear the authority, responsibilities and accountabilities of those involved in Adventist education.

The policy and webinars highlight that the conference school company is an incorporated legal entity. Individual schools do not have a separate legal identity and therefore are not able to take out loans, sell or buy land, employ staff or engage in legal action. Hence the role of the local school advisory council is to support the principal in meeting the expectations of the school's company board of directors.

Guiding principles for local school advisory councils include:

  • Playing a vital role in shared leadership
  • Recognising their obligation to the conference school company as a whole through their work at an individual school level
  • Collaborating with the principal in meeting their delegations as outlined by the conference school company
  • Sharing expertise through collaboration, advice, support and endorsement
  • In all its work, being faithful to the policies and procedures of the conference school company and sharing the responsibility of enhancing the school's authenticity as an Adventist school.

View training webinars for local school advisory council members:

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