Quality Adventist Schools Improvement Framework

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The Quality Adventist School Program is a school improvement framework based on world’s best practice and provides a process for schools to engage in the further strengthening of each school’s professional learning culture. In addition, the QAS is designed to provide the cornerstone for school-based review processes and meaningful professional conversations between schools and system leadership in relation to shared strategic goals.

The QAS framework is comprised of four domains and 20 self-review components. These components reflect the professional voice of more than 100 people engaged in Adventist education – teachers, principals, directors of education and consultants. These components will serve to foster valuable professional dialogue in every Adventist school. The quality of this dialogue and its basis in sound evidence will lead to a focus on improvement and, most importantly, to better learning outcomes for all students.

Quality Adventist Schools - 20 Components

The review process that is predominantly undertaken in the school asks three questions:

  • How are we going?
  • How do we know?
  • What are we going to do now?

A school improvement plan will be developed from the quantum of professional dialogue engaged in by the school's personnel. This plan will guide the school and its leadership team as they set out to improve the quality of learning opportunities for their students.

The work of the school is validated by a critical friend of the school and the improvement process is reviewed every five years.

Quality Adventist Schools
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