Abide Resources

Jesus’ final advice to His disciples before He went to the cross was to abide in Him.

‘Abide’ is a platform to support and nurture the spiritual journey of every staff member in Adventist Education. When we collectively abide in Him, become His disciples, and produce the fruit He desires, we build vibrant spiritual culture in our schools that exemplify the love, grace, and compassion of Jesus. The fruit will be a thriving Christ-centred learning community that reveals Jesus to all.

The greatest spiritual influence one can have on others is determined by the living and sharing of personal faith and experience thus, inviting the Holy Spirit to work in the lives of others. When the staff are united and intentional in this purpose, they create the thriving, vibrant Christ-centred school culture we desire.


‘Abide’ is a platform that gives opportunity and invites all to get onboard a spiritual journey.

It matters not where you are currently standing on the platform or which carriage you enter. What matters is that we want you to personally get on-board and start the journey.

Abide is about a personal journey, but equally about an invitation to journey alongside all staff within Adventist Education to build a ‘thriving Christ-centred learning community’.


Along the way there will be opportunities for:

  • personal reflection and growth
  • the building of friendship and fellowship
  • service and helping others


The 3 Keys

There are 3 keys to abiding in Christ and being a follower of Christ:

  1. Communion – Spending personal time with God through prayer and Bible study
  2. Relationship – Connecting, supporting and encouraging others
  3. Mission – Intentionally seeking opportunities to share Jesus


‘Abide’ provides a platform for each of these 3 keys to occur. It is not a step by step program that you must follow. It a choice that we must each make individually and as a school community to authentically, and intentionally listen to the calling of Christ to “follow me and I will make you fishers of men” (Matthew 4:19)


Abide IS:

  • about personal spiritual journey
  • about spiritual culture in a school
  • about relationship and community with God
  • about relationship and community with others


It is not about events, about curriculum, about policies/procedures. It will only be ‘successful’ as we each individually and collectively commit ourselves daily to God and unify as school communities to create schools that are vibrant and intentional about sharing the good news of Jesus.


Here you can access all the ‘Abide’ resources and activities to guide you, however ‘Abide’ is simply a platform which will help you in your journey. There will be lots of prayer and support, however, ultimately, it will be up to us all as individuals and school staff as a whole to join the journey. We pray that you will be blessed by the journey of abiding in Him and find the love, joy, peace and hope that comes from living with Jesus and for Jesus.