Our National Director


Adventist schools in Australia have the privilege of revealing Jesus and His love with their communities each and every day. Our schools and early learning services (ELS) give a message of hope and love where there is often doubt and despair.

Our staff are the hands and feet of Christ and I am extremely proud of the positive difference they make in the lives of students, young children and their families.

Our schools and early learning services are vibrant, thriving, inclusive communities serving all who desire a Christ-centred, values-based education in the Adventist tradition. We are committed to the spiritual, academic, social, and physical wellbeing of all those in our care, and honoured to share the love and grace of Jesus Christ to all within our school communities.

This is a wonderful and amazing mission given by Christ Himself when He said, “Teach them everything that I have taught you” and remember “I’ll always be with you, even until the end of the world”. Matthew 28:20 (The Clear Word).

Dr Daryl Murdoch
National Director
Adventist Schools Australia